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Brewing coffee is always a delicate game — balancing the quantity of coffee, the quantity of water, the type of grind, and the extraction time. Depending on the method, these factors can be varied in order to highlight specific attributes of a coffee

Brewing Methods



Chemex brewing involves many steps, and uses 32 g of coffee per 400 ml of water.

• First, place the filter in the Chemex. The side with the 3 flaps of excess paper should be aligned with the Chemex’s nozzle.

• Next, wet the filter with hot water to preheat it, dilate the fiber, and remove any possible paper flavor.

• Then add the 32 g of medium grind coffee, and dampen with a pre-infusion of 64 ml of water (pre-infusion helps to moisten the grounds for a more homogeneous extraction).

• Set a stopwatch. After about 50 seconds, slowly add 250 ml of water, pouring in a smooth circular pattern to create the proper turbulence, and wait until about 2 minutes on the clock for the extraction to take place.

• Add the remaining 150 ml of water, slowly generating turbulence, and wait until about 3 minutes or 3:30 for the drink to finish filtering. Remove the filter and serve the drink.

Tip: You can change 150 ml of water with 150 g of ice, resulting in a cold coffee!


French press

The press uses 18 g of coffee per 240 ml of water.

• First, add coarse grind coffee to the press.

• Add 50 ml of water to bloom the coffee, and wait 30 seconds.

• Then add the remaining 190 ml of water to the coffee, creating circular turbulence.

• Let stand for 4 minutes from the time you pour the first drop of water.

• After the 4 minutes, lower the piston gently and serve the drink.

HARVEST Aeropress.png


The first step is to add 22 g of coffee (medium-fine grind) to the Aeropress.

• Then add 100 ml of water to bloom the grounds, and let sit for 40 seconds.

• Stir 3 times in a circular pattern to create turbulence.

• Add the remaining 140 ml of water and let sit for 2 minutes from the time you add the first drop of water.

• Stir again 3 times, smoothly.

• Place a moistened filter in the filter holder, and flip the Aeropress, placing it on the rim of a coffee cup.

• Press down on the piston to fully filter the drink into the cup.


download (1).png

5-7 grams

100% Colombian course ground coffee

150 mL water

Time to boil

Add Coffee

Wait about 6-7 minutes until it settles


Enjoy your perfect cup of coffee


harvest grind chart.png
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