The harvest season team aims to join with you, the coffee lover, giving you the opportunity to help us make a positive change for communities around Colombia that produce your favorite drink.

What we do?

We receive all of our coffee from small, sustainable and independent coffee producers in Colombia, all of which are located in one of the richest and most diverse regions on earth, the Colombian Andes.

Our coffee is handpicked when the cherries are at the peak of ripeness to ensure the sweetest and most aromatic of flavors. This whole process provides the best single-origin coffee variety that is the highest of quality.

Fair and Direct Trade

Fare and Direct trade from the beginning.



The average age of the Colombian coffee farmer is 55 years old.


If we do not make it profitable and worthwhile for the next generations of growers to stay on their farms, we will lose this great tradition in one or two generations.

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The Colombian Coffee Logo communicates to consumers powerful functional and emotional attributes. Its main functional attribute represents the constant effort and work of more than 563.000 Colombian Coffee growers committed to the production of high quality coffee.


Depending on the legislation in certain countries, Colombian Coffee is a protected designation of origin. To obtain this recognition in various countries, it is necessary to demonstrate that the coffee has the same quality control structures to guarantee that it is the product sold to consumers through the entire world. This quality is associated with the environmental and human qualities that are present in the land of coffee.  .


The support systems and quality control that Colombian Coffee has achieved after years of hard work by the farmers and the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation is what makes it a protected designated origin and what allows a producer to proudly present coffee as 100% Colombian Coffee.